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David Clarke is an experienced lawyer practicing in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties. His focus is on:

  • Family matters
  • Civil suits
  • Criminal complaints, and
  • Estates planning and probate.

Hello, I’m David Clarke, principal attorney for Clarke Law Firm, PC. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my firm. Over the years, my practice has evolved from basic family law matters to handling a broad range of related legal issues.
Family law is more complex and broad reaching than you might realize. It involves contracts, such as prenuptial agreements, the marriage agreement, divorce agreements, parenting or visitation plan agreements, temporary and permanent custody agreements, no-contact orders, restraining orders, guardianships, child and spousal support awards, and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO). Any of these agreements, or contracts, can be reached through negotiations between the parties or by court trial. Clarke Law Firm has substantial experience in negotiating and litigating these matters. 

Consumer debt can become unmanageable as a result of divorce, medical bills, or unexpected loss of income. Clarke Law Firm has been successful in negotiation debt settlements and, when necessary, bankruptcy petitions resulting in cancellation of debt.

The other side of debt defense is debt collections. Divorce agreements often contain money awards or property division. Money awards can also arise out of other kinds of civil contests. Whatever the source of the award, if you are having difficulty collecting, Clarke Law Firm can compel the debtor to divulge sources of income, assets, and real and personal property. We can also issue writs of garnishment against wages, bank accounts, brokerage accounts and can place a lien on real and personal property, and foreclose on judgment liens, whatever is needed to collect on what is owed to you.

Juvenile and criminal issues can arise out of family matters. These include allegations of neglect or abuse brought by the State through its Department of Human Services and the local District Attorney’s office. Clarke Law Firm has experience dealing with DHS and state prosecutors to achieve positive outcomes in juvenile court.

Criminal complaints can against you or a loved one can negatively impact your family. Clarke Law Firm has successfully defended in DUII cases directing clients to avoid prosecution through participation in the court’s diversion program, when eligible. The firm has also defended against misdemeanor and felony charges such as Assault, Theft, and Possession of a Controlled Substance. If you are charged with a crime, Clarke Law Firm can ensure your rights are protected and will fight to have those charges dismissed or successfully defended. And if you have an eligible conviction, the firm can obtain an order sealing the records of that conviction so that you have a clean record.

Families often need estate planning for efficient operation of wealth transfer with minimal tax consequences or they may need a court proceeding to probate a will. Whether planning for the future or achieving intended distribution of a decedent’s assets, Clarke Law Firm is able to provide competent advice for planning and execution.

Families also engage in or are supported by a small business. Clarke Law Firm has advised small businesses in the areas of entity formation, contract negotiation, lease agreements, sales agreements, and business valuation. The firm also has experience dealing with breach of contract issues, whether in defense or to bring a claim. When it comes to business agreements, it’s always better to consult Clarke Law Firm before signing an agreement rather than after problems arise.

If you need to negotiate a settlement, obtain a court order, make a claim for damages, defend against civil claims or criminal charges, deal with contract issues, plan for wealth transfer, probate a will, need advice for your small business, or want to pursue collections actions against a debtor, Clarke Law Firm can provide competent and effective legal services. Call today for an appointment.


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  • Mr. Clarke helped me immensely. Mine was a simple case but he drove it home and at an affordable cost to a single mother!

    M. Foster
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